Create accessible, genuine brands that people interact and emotionally connect with.

We work in close partnership with our clients to create new brands and communications strategies that are vibrant, effective and engaging. Our strong conceptual thinking and communications skills means that we can help clients establish new brands that have tangible meaning for both themselves and their target audience.


Our process


We find out all about your business. Your big dreams, your challenges, your clients, competitors and industry.


We define the correct market position for your brand to occupy, formulate key messaging and set the overall tone for your branding strategy.


We create the look and feel of your brand as well as developing the critical tools/channels required for successfully communicating with your audience. 


Successfully launching a brand relies on careful management of design and production ensuring key materials are available at the right time. 


Mopki can help your business with

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Brand Positioning

Strategic Marketing

Communication Plans

Campaign Management

Brand Launch


Social Media

Digital Branding




Logo Design

Brand Discovery Workshops


Cost Plan Group

Cost Plan Group offers tailored services to deliver and manage construction, infrastructure and built asset projects and portfolios. Mopki was engaged to refresh the look and feel of their organisation in order to better reflect their deep levels of experience on large projects and to help 're-introduce' the company within the local Australian market.

A new name was introduced 'Cost Plan Group' (formerly Cost Plan Services Quantity Surveyors or CPSQS Consulting Pty Ltd), signaling their reach and expert capability established across 3 offices in the UK, Australia and PNG. The new logo and branded materials including Company Brochure, Corporate Stationary and Proposal & Presentation Templates now allow them to communicate more confidently with industry players handling multi-million dollar projects.


Gyst Consulting

Gyst Consulting are leaders in creating and sustaining World-Class Safety Cultures. Gyst engage Mopki for a variety of branding and communications projects.

Gyst were seeking to develop a new logo for their marquee training program called 'Care Factor'. Mopki created a logo that was reminiscent of the 'ok' hand gesture. The program is about making people safe in the workplace - making sure they are 'ok'. The program centers on producing a genuine cultural shift in attitudes so what better way to connect on a human level than using a term like 'ok' that we use every day. This distinctive logo was designed to be highly visible across all mediums - from training workbooks to posters and all forms of marketing collateral.



Sentis is a world leader in the application of psychology to safety, leadership development and wellbeing in the workplace. Their dedicated team of psychologists and industry specialists can be mobilised across the globe to build lasting performance improvement.

Mopki has worked with Sentis across a variety of branding, conceptual development, marketing and print projects that include development of training materials, workbooks and presentation materials. From bespoke PVC pocket wallets for workers on remote mine sites to 200+ page training workbooks or the exclusive packaging solution for high-end software products, Mopki delivered well branded, engaging materials that always served to enhance Sentis' reputation.

"Mopki have been with us from day one. We have found they have a real strength in being able to interpret our direction and design all aspects of our branding, marketing, promotional and product materials. As we have grown, Mopki have been with us every step of the way. They have listened, understood our needs and responded quickly with the highest quality work. Moreover, Mopki really have that personal touch and always provide excellent customer service” 

Tanya Pavey-Lloyd
GYST Consulting Pty Ltd

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